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From the beginning of 2004 to the concept of “unlimited”, watch replicas uk to make this concept a brand symbol, HAUTLENCE has given another dimension of the “eternal time” concept – extremely “real” and poetic. The Moebius watch is exceptionally outstanding, celebrating the eternal movement, light and clear and transparent.

Moebius is more than just a watch, it is also a work of art, paying tribute to dynamic art and meditation. On the core of the Moebius movement, the two-axis tourbillon rotates all the time, amazingly infinite. Thanks to the unique mechanism, the movement looks like it is suspended in the air. “The Moebius watch is as its name, and the Mobius ring means “infinite loop.” Moebius has a long-lasting performance, which is all-encompassing and infinite,” explains HAUTLENCE CEO Sandro Reginelli. “This new work is perfect. Strongly demonstrates our philosophy: constantly overturning the boundaries between technology and aesthetics, promoting watchmaking and the concept of “everything that is eternal and infinite”... and thus always moving forward. I am very happy to see the evolution of our HL2.0 movement. This is our historic pillar project in the core product, and it is one of our indispensable initiatives to enhance the Concept d'Exception series in the high-end category.

The HL Moebius automatic movement is protected by two HAUTLENCE patents. The first patent is about a semi-chasing hour chain: every 60 seconds, the chain rotates in a smooth, coherent manner for 3-4 seconds, effectively avoiding vibration and energy loss, while giving you time to appreciate the movement and mechanics. The beauty of operation. The second patent is about the role of the movement double barrel. The second barrel is designed to drive complex systems, with the main barrel always in full chord, ensuring the best level of energy per hour of conversion. This double barrel system makes it possible to power a variety of complex mechanical devices without affecting the accuracy of the watch.







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